Images from the Wine Roads of Croatia #8 – Terra Rota

“Plavac Rising”

Photo © Cliff Rames

 Terra Rota winery (“Vinarija Terra Rota”) vineyards, Kuna, Pelješac wine-growing hills, Southern Dalmatia sub-region, Coastal Croatia.

Terra Rota is a new project at Kuna in the upper interior highlands of the Pelješac peninsula. The winery planted 30 hectares of vineyards – some at an elevation of 480 meters (1,575 feet) above sea level, making them the highest vineyards on Pelješac.

Of the more than 235,000 vines planted at the site, the indigenous red variety Plavac Mali dominates, comprising 95 percent of the total. Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah complete the remaining 5 percent. The vines are currently in their 6th year of growth.

So far Terra Rota has commercially released just one wine, the “Rota Standard”, a 100 percent barrel-fermented Plavac Mali, bottle-aged for a minimum of six months prior to release.