“Cliff Rames: The Champion of Croatian Wines”

In its November 2011 issue, the English-language magazine published, Croatia: a Fortnight in Review published an extensive interview with Wines of Croatia founder, Cliff Rames.

Croatia: a Fortnight in Review is a bi-weekly, subscription-only magazine published inZagreb for English-speaking residents ofCroatia, including ex-patriot, diplomats and foreign business people.

The 3-page interview begins with this: “We could not pass up the opportunity to consult sommelier Cliff Rames, who is arguably the most prolific (and passionate) promoter of Croatian whites, reds, oranges, roses and sparklings internationally, for his take on the status and the future trajectory of the local industry.”

To read the full article (in flip-book format), please see pages 20-22 of Issue #20 by clicking HERE.

We hope you enjoy the interview, and please feel free to comment below.

5 thoughts on ““Cliff Rames: The Champion of Croatian Wines”

  • Very well done Cliff and good to see some recognition for all that energy and time invested in Wines of Croatia project. Also congrats to the journalist for good insights and good questions along the interview.

  • Hi Cliff,
    a good interview indeed, and a realistic view on the future of Croatian wines in the international markets.
    I agree with you that especially the niches which Croatia has a lot of in as well regions, micro climates and grapes offer excellent opportunities for smart wine producers.
    Another thing is to join those wine producers into a marketing group, in order to promote and sell their wines from a united office.
    Joining forces makes even the small ones strong I would say.
    Wishing you and all motivated Croatian wine makers the very best, cheers, they are lucky to have a guy like you behind their efforts, Pim.

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