Wines of Croatia News Round-Up: 03 Oct. – 09 Oct. 2011


Compiled by Cliff Rames, 09 October 2011


In case you missed anything, here is a round-up of the past week’s links to the news articles, blog posts and videos that highlighted Croatia, its wine or wine culture. This feature will be published every Sunday. Cheers!


1) Real Time Wine: 2009 Peljesac Plavac Mali (Wine Review)

September 24, 2011 (retroactive inclusion)




2) Istriaficionado: Saints Hills Winery Wins Prestigious Pentawards Award for Their Label Design

October 4, 2011




3) Vinologue: Anthony Bourdain Heads to Croatia

October 6, 2011




4) Travelling Corkscrew: The House of Croatian Wines Zagreb

October 9, 2011


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